Make It a Double

By Randall McNair

Broken into five sections—The Status Quo, The Descent, Death in the Middle, The Rising, and Return with the Elixir—“Make it a Double” is a heartfelt, humorous recounting of what it was like to be stuck on a barstool year after year over a ten-year period, ruminating on one’s purpose. The second in award winning poet Randall McNair’s Bar Poems series, “Make it a Double” builds on the momentum of “Dispatches from the Swinging Door Saloon,” resurrecting images of McNair’s dead kin, and his love for life—though buried in a bottle of whiskey—is evident throughout its pages. If you enjoy raw, gritty, unique images used to paint pictures of love, life and self-loathing, then you’ll love this volume of blue collar poetry “written by a man for men.”

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